Miner Diff Settings:
Port 3300 difficulty 100 - 50,000
Port 3310 difficulty 50,000-500,000

Please Visit The OFFICIAL FedoraCoin Website: Tipsco.in            Fedora Exchange is CoinExchange.io            The Best Fedora Trading Pair is: TIPS/DOGE          Need to Rent A Miner? CLICK HERE FOR HIGH HASH RATE MINERS TO RENT
posted 03/27/2018 14:30:30

The Fedora Dev team has been working hard to keep FedoraCoin up to date and secure.

Please download the LATEST WALLET, which was released in March of 2018.  CLICK HERE FOR THE TIPS WALLET

ALSO, please check out the new Website and stay up on new releases.  CLICK HERE FOR THE TIPS WEBSITE

The Dev team has been meeting all the goals like clockwork, staying on target and keeping the public involved and aware.

Check out the Fedora ROAD MAP, FEDORA REDDIT PAGE and JOIN THE TWITTER PAGE to get free fedora coins via AIRDROPS and more.

Have any questions?  Join the active DISCORD channel HERE

Please Donate To Support This Pool's Server Costs
posted 03/27/2018 14:06:20

This Pool is run on Donations (and love).  Please think about giving to the pool to keep it running.

Fedoracoin:  EUD5PUJByHdjeXtcxRiEcNcc7QW8eNpW9K

Litecoin:  LanBjF15PqCGbjiHTCe3NChX2fysX4bqds

Bitcoin:  18tTmPSnTXjrZ6j1w7kyFd2YmsGjnqDwvS

Dash:  XgCQR5asuwvKHrhCag1LjfJhEzGS7z8thn

BitcoinCash:  1Pf8XsmuUimbNGDB4dP46cSgCiKLFZtb6V